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2020/06/04 · Hygrophila difformis is a tall plant that can easily outgrow a nano aquarium with its maximum size of up to 23”. Its size and textured feathery leaves make it a great choice if you’re looking for a species to spruce up the background. Hygrophila Difformis, commonly known as Water Wisteria. Hygrophila Difformis is very easy to grow and such as a beautiful plant for the tropical aquarium. It grows best in medium to high light along with a rich based nutrient substrate and it benefits from additional CO2. It. 2014/07/23 · Hygrophila difformis, commonly known as water wisteria, is an aquatic plant in the acanthus family. It is a beautiful plant that has been in aquarium cultivation for many years. The lace-like leaves vary in appearance under different conditions. If the water is colder, they will be small, and lobed in appearance, instead of pinnate. If insufficient light is provided, they will only be slightly. 2019/03/04 · Tanaman aquascape Hygrophila difformis atau nama umumnya adalah Water Wisteria berasal dari benua Asia. Apabila Anda sedang mencari tanaman air untuk menambah keindahan akuarium Anda dan mudah perawatan, tanaman aquascape Water Wisteria adalah jawabannya. Sold as a bundle of four or more stems Each stem is about 5” to 9” in length or larger Scientific Name: Hygrophila Difformis Light Requirement: Low Substrate:.

Hygrophila difformis, also known as water wisteria, is a popular aquarium stem plant. It's a great, fast-growing addition to any shrimp tank and its easy care even makes it suitable for beginners. Its feathery, deep green leaves are sure. 2020/01/24 · I want to get Hygrophila Difformis A.K.A Wter Wisteria for my 20 gallon. Do they need fertilizer? Jan 24, 2020 Crispii Fishlore VIP Messages 4,497 Reaction score 4,104 Points 448 I have successfully grown that plant without any. Hygrophila difformis "Wisteria" live aquarium plants are great for creating a background in your fish tank. Buy now for £4.99 – Free UK delivery available Important Standard Product Deliveries will take place between 08:00-18:00.

Hygrophila difformis ist eine hübsche und anspruchslose Anfängerpflanze, die Gleichgewicht im Aquarium schaffen kann. Das schnelle Wachstum hilft bei der Algenbekämpfung, da die Pflanze viele Nährstoffe aus dem Wasser. 2013/01/26 · L'Hygrophila difformis est une plante magnifique qui a des besoins en nitrate important La vie de mon aquarium: Hygrophila difformis Un site dédié a tous les passionnées d’aquariophilie des poissons tropicaux. Accueil Plantes pour Aquarium Toutes les plantes d'aquarium Hygrophila Difformis Retour Hygrophila Difformis Référence: FQ196 Belle et d'un entretien facile. Plante idéale pour le débutant car elle permet d'établir un 60.

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